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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rangkaian Pengatur Volume Digital

Pengatur Volume Digital

Volume control is usually used Potensimeter. One drawback of the potentiometer is generated considerable noise, besides potentiometers also wear faster. To fix you can try using the following circuit. The circuit serves to replace your manual volume control in an amplifier. To adjust the volume size, you only need to press the Up or Down button. Following his schematics.

Rangkaian Pengatur Volume DigitalRangkaian Pengatur Volume Digital
  1. U1 you can get at Dallas Semiconductor.
  2. S1 to raise the volume, S2 to lower the volume.
  3. Input signal can not be less than -0.2 V.
This circuit can be used as a volume control, tone, contrast, brightness, and dimmer control. The circuit is extremely simple and compact requiring very Few external components with power supply Can Vary from 4.5V to 8V.

IC DS1669 Pinning

Pin Description IC DS1669
  • RH - High Terminal of Potentiometer
  • RW - Wiper Terminal of Potentiometer
  • RL - Low Terminal of Potentiometer
  • -V, +V - Voltage Inputs
  • UC - Up Contact Input
  • D - Digital Input
  • DC - Down Contact Input

Standard resistance values IC DS1669
  • DS1669-10 ~ 10 kΩ
  • DS1669-50 ~ 50 kΩ
  • DS1669-100 ~ 100 kΩ

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