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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mini Amplifier IC LM380

Based amplifier IC's offer many advantages including high efficiency, high gain, low standby current, low component count, small size and, of course, low cost. It is little wonder that audio amp IC's have replaced most discrete transistors in consumer electronic devices. While many experimenters have stayed away from these little black Mysteries, I am going to uncover some of their secrets and demonstrate how easy they are to use

Rangkaian Amplifier IC LM380

Amplifier IC LM380 comes in two flavors; LM380 and LM380-8 with output powers of 700 milli-watts and 2 watts respectively. A schematic drawing below depicts the 8th and LM380-LM380.

Rangkaian Amplifier IC LM380-8Skema Rangkaian Amplifier IC LM380-8

Rangkaian Amplifier IC LM380Skema Rangkaian Amplifier IC LM380

The LM380-8 comes in an 8-pin package and its basic circuit is virtually identical to the LM380 except for the different pin out. The LM380 comes in a 14-pin package and pins 3,4,5,10,11 and 13 are connected to ground to act as a heat sink. Experience has shown the LM380 should be soldered directly to the circuit board (no IC socket) if it is going to be operated at its full rated output of 2 watts. This IC can become quite warm and it's important to get rid of excess heat through the pins. The primary advantages of the LM380 series IC's are higher output power, very low distortion and low external parts count.

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