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Friday, August 26, 2011

Schematic Diagram Stereo PreAmplifier With Tone Control

This is a preamplifier and tone control unit which will make a useful addition to any of our power amplifier circuits. It is extremely easy to construct due to the use of a special IC, The Philips TDA1524A.

Because it uses voltage control, linear single gang pots can be used , which lowers the costs and reduces tracking errors. It also allows for control by switches or microprocessor if desired.


D.C. Input : 15V DC supply or 12V
DC battery. 50 mA min.
Maximum output : 3 V RMS
Maximum input : 300 mV, G = 20 dB 3V RMS, G = 0dB
Input Z  10 k ohm
Output Z 300 ohm Frequency resp. : 50 kHz + / – 1 dB
THD at 1kHz : 0.1 % at 1V output S/N ratio : 80 dB, G = 0 dB
Bass boost/cut ~ 15 dB at 50 Hz
Treble boost/cut ~ 15 dB at 15 kHz

Go here for IC TDA1524A Datasheet - Original Audio Kit

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